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  1. Last release changes
  2. Colors List
  3. Define Color
  4. Palettes
  5. Define Palette
  6. Color Picker
  7. Create Wallpaper

1. Last release changes

  • New feature! Apply awesome pattern effects to your wallpapers

Previous changes

  • New feature! Create gradient wallpapers with your colors. View demo
  • User interface improvements
  • Added checker in colors list to select colors and create a palette. View demo
  • Added option "Open imagen from URL" in Color Picker
  • Added edit/delete color option. Long click on a color to open dialog
  • Quick scroll list implemented
  • Added "Restore default colors" and "Restore default palettes" to menu
  • Set a color as screen wallpaper from Define Color menu
  • Make backup of Colors list or Palettes list from Colors list menu and Palettes menu. Export your colors/palettes to your email address and import where you want
  • Added search feature to Colors List and Palettes List
  • Add personalized names to your new colors from Add color button
  • Added HEX keyboard to Define Color
  • Added CMYK representation in Define Color
  • Added "Create palette mode" to Color Picker
  • Added feature to load image from camera in Color Picker
  • Added help page
  • New page with last shared palettes by users
    Now you can copy a palette in your clipboard and paste it in Define Palette
  • Hidden Easter Egg ;)

2. Colors List

  1. Change between lists
  2. Open color. Long click to edit/delete
  3. Add/delete color from favorites list
  4. Swipe up/down to quick scroll
  5. Create a new color
  6. Filter colors
  7. Selet colors to create a palette. View demo
  8. Menu

3. Define Color

  1. Tap to change between HEX, HSL, RGB and CMYK representation
  2. Drag right/left to get darker/lighter color
  3. Create a random color
  4. Open the color list to select a color
  5. Add a color to Colors List and Favorites List
  6. Select a color from Ambilwarna
  7. Open color information
  8. Change related colors
  9. Drag to change Red, Green or Blue values. Tap on right/left arrows to increase or decrease 1 value. Long tap to 16 values.
  10. Open HEX keyboard
  11. Menu
  1. Close keyboard
  2. Clear color
  3. Clear 1 character
  4. Select color

4. Palettes

  1. Open palette options
  2. Long click and swipe up or down to change palettes order. Swipe right or left to delete palette
  3. Add a new palette
  4. Menu

5. Define Palette

  1. Change palette name
  2. Save palette
  3. Long click and swipe right or left to change colors order. Swipe up or down to delete color
  4. Menu

6. Color Picker

  1. When enabled, you can tap on color miniatures to select them and create a new palette. View demo
  2. Open instant image from camera
  3. Open image from gallery
  4. Open image from URL
  5. Color miniatures
  6. Menu
  1. When enabled, you can tap on color miniatures to select them and create a new palette. View demo
  2. Color miniatures
  3. Create palette
  4. Tap on image to create color from touched pixel
  5. Menu

7. Create Wallpaper

View demo
  1. First color. Tap to change.
  2. Switch colors
  3. Second color. Tap to change.
  4. Gradient type: Linear, radial, mirror, drop or solid color.
  5. Apply effects
  6. Open image
  7. Menu: Create random wallpapers, save image in gallery, share wallpaper, create palete from wallpaper, show samples and help
  8. Tap and drag to define your gradient
  9. Set wallpaper as Desktop Wallpaper