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  1. Whatch video
  2. Lists screen
  3. Fullscreen display
  4. Add emoji screen

1. Video

2. Lists screen

  1. Tap on an emoji to display it in fullscreen
  2. Long tap on an emoji to select it to delete
  3. Swipe to change between your lists
  4. Add an emoji to your list
  5. Create a new emoji list
  6. Delete current emoji list
  7. Rename current emoji list
  8. Menu to import/export lists

3. Fullscreen display

  1. Tap on screen to go back to your list
  2. Change background between black or white
  3. Change emoji size
  4. Add a question mark to your emoji

4. Add emoji screen

  1. Tap on an emoji to add/delete from your list
  2. Swipe to move across all emojis list
  3. Apply changes